Special Deals Arround Quito

Quito is the second highest capital in South America. It is located at the middle of the world that allows to have variety of ecosystems over short distances, so you can enjoy interesting day trips. Quito surrondings are very special, the valleys, the villlages, the mountains, the rivers, each one has inside a magic that takes us and gives us an unforgettable experience.


Nono's Experience


Nono is one of the oldest rural parishes of  the Metropolitan  District of Quito.Archaeological evidence shows that the  area was  inhabited since the year 500 BC.

   It is located 2724 meters above the sea  level. In westerns  slopes of Pichincha    volcano. One of main attractiveness of  Nono is the vegetation diversity.It has a great  amount of exotic birds,  like unique species  of  hummingbirds.

   Its history, traditions, flavors and hacienda  life style can be enjoyed in a short journey that will remain in your memory forever.

 Travel back in time

     Nono Hacienda San Martin (2).jpg  Nono Hacienda San Martin Caballos.jpg
Day Trip:  

Early in the morning we will start our journey, through the Ecoroute until we arrive to Nono village where we can try a traditional appetizers and walk through this small and charming parish.

 Then we will go to a special Hacienda, here we will enjoy a horseback ride or a bike path, return to the Hacienda and has a traditional lunch, after the milking experience we will return to Quito.


Adventure & Sounds of  Mountain

Nono Hacienda San Martin 2.jpgNono Hacienda San Martin Vacas.jpgHacienda San Martin Nono Ecuador 4destinations.JPG

Day 1

  After arriving at the Hacienda take helmets and bikes to start a ride full of adventure and nature through The Quinde route. The cloud forest welcomes us to the edge of the great diversity of birds.

  We will have a delicious lunch and then continue our experience horseriding through the fields and highlighting the mountain life, customs and traditions, the usual milking and a delicious hot chocolate.


Day 2

  After enjoying a traditional breakfast depart for Finance Waterfall Huagrapambam we expect a 45 minute walk. After a box lunch we will return to Quito.

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