Options at Mobile Restaurant

Colonial Lunch

A traditional lunch, accompanied by stories and anecdotes about the characters from the colonial era, a journey towards the feet of the Virgin of Quito, the custodian of the city.

Revealed Secrets - Dinner

When night becomes mysterious, the secrets of those men and women from the colonial era are revealed. Their stories, romances and betrayals are told by themselves. Discover its secrets in a dramatized tour, accompanied by a traditional tasting dinner.

Night of Legends - Dinner

Enjoy a traditional dinner prepared with Andean ingredients, while our guide tells the stories and legends that keep the churches and squares. All this while touring the illuminated streets of Quito.


Celebrate on board Casa 1028 an especial event in an exclusive and totally private way. Access our charters with special discounts.

Designed especially for groups.

Night of Spree - Appetizers

A different, original and fun way to enjoy the night, through the streets of the historic center, accompanied by our traditional chopped and cocktails Casa 1028.

Pasillos Nights

What better company than the Ecuadorian music. Enjoy a special dinner, accompanied by the best of Ecuadorian repertoire, while touring in Historic Center of Quito. 

Scheduled departures.